We, Chairman Instuments Trading Limited was established in 1995, is one of the major and important manufacturer of various stringed instruments and Western instruments wholesaler in Hong Kong. We have been specializing in manufacturing violin, viola and Cello, also, have had created and acquired a number of European and American brands stringed instruments, such as SCHOENFELD,VIF, GEMSINO, MASTRO, SIR, MEHTA, etc; Chairman instruments currently has agents and distributors throughout the world, more than one hundred countries and cities, such as Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Macau and so on.

For the reason of the development of the company’s overall business, in recent years, Chairman has begun to develop agency business brand instruments to “bring together global premium brand, to create the perfect music space” as the slogan, carefully selected high-quality brand of international instruments, the invitation to join as the suppliers of Chairman instruments , able to satisfy the needs of our customers, we are now, agents of the brands have included all types of Western musical instruments, such as various types of string, wind, percussion, piano, harp, guitar, electronic musical instruments and various accessories, etc. , and the brand including Carl Ronisch, TOKIWA, HUPFELD, HAILUN, NIKKO, CHERUB, MELODY, STEINBACHOTTO, THOMASTIK-INFELD, Bam, PIRASTRO, BACKUN, AUBERT, TREVOR JAMES, British Brand, JOHN PACKER, STERLING, CarolBrass, BARI, MANHASSET , Horngacber, nux, Artone, ARTINO more. We are confident that, with high-quality products, is a business to survive the last word, as long as adhere to the “quality first & Credibility first” as the business philosophy, to gain both the praise and the love respectively from all of our customers.