Distinguished violinmaking Master

Edgar E. Russ. Was born in 1966 in Austria, the youngest of five children. Being the smallest in a big family is not as easy since he has to be noisy to attract the attention of the rest of the family. Probably this unconscious desire from the very beginning of his life invited him to be extremely attracted by everything that makes powerful sound.
In spring 1984 at the age of 17, he decided to leave his family in Austria and to move to Cremona, where he started in autumn to attend the world famous international violin making school "Scuola Internazionale di Liuteria "Antonio Stradivari"".Thanks to inspiring teachers, he succeeded very well in building instruments and he graduated in 1989.
After working with several masters here in Cremona, he went to the United States of America, to improve his knowledge in the art of violin making, away from European tradition. This helped him to become a very young master in violin making.

First workshop

Edgar E Russ opened his first workshop in Cremona.
Mr Russ create violin, viola, cello and double bass available directly form my workshop in three different lines: Giovane Elegante, Tiziano Trulli, Master Instruments
His work is his passion. From the very beginning he always searched for professional musicians and he has to underline that they give him a lot of satisfaction.30 years ago it was not that easy because these musicians, most at that time from Vienna Austria, were extremely demanding since they were playing in famous orchestras.They were looking for a sound which was able to project it's beauty and power into the very last row of the hug theaters and concert halls they were performing.
This kind of sound is obtained by a sensible construction itself and improved by an accurate setup of the instrument. The right position of the soundpost, the fingerboard, upper and lower nut as well as a perfect bridge.The quality of sound is the result of all above mentioned details, and much more. Things we can't see but we can feel with our ears!Mr Russ works hard and as a matter of fact five musicians of Vienna Philamonics (Wiener Philharmoniker) play on his instruments.his violin, viola, cello and double bass are well known all around the world.Their value increases over time an that makes him to be a